Mobile homes depreciate over time, unlike other forms of real estate. Because the tax assessment system makes no provision for that reality, mobile home taxes are accurate only in the first years after purchase, and become increasingly inaccurate each year thereafter.

Ultimately, some of these homeowners end up with a tax liability several times higher than reasonably expected. Mobile homes are the only form of property that require periodic assessment appeals to maintain equitable agreement to actual value.

Since 2019, the United Way Mobile Home Tax Reassessment Program has:

• Assisted in 1,014 successful appeals
• Lowered these 1,014 mobile home assessments by nearly 67% from $34 million to their actual assessed value of $11 million
• Saved each mobile home owner an average of $800 on their annual taxes
• Collectively saved these mobile home owners $9 million over the next 10 years that they should have never owed to begin with if not for a flaw in state tax code.

United Way of Chester County has partnered with Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania to continue this important work and scale it to assist all mobile home owners in Chester County who may be in a similar situation.

To be considered for the 2024 reassessments, please fill out the form below:

How to Apply
To be considered for the 2024 reassessments, please fill out this form or call:

• 877-429-5994 (English) • 610-436-4510 (Spanish)

We will contact you to schedule your intake appointment in Spring 2024. Below is how the process is handled:

• Once the form is complete, we will contact the client to schedule a 30-minute intake interview between March and mid-July with a representative from Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania
• The paralegal will complete the forms and will contact the client for their signature
• A UWCC volunteer will take photos of the home for documentation
• All forms will be submitted between May 1- August 1 to the County Reassessment Office
• Clients will be notified the results of their reassessment appeals in October

We will do all the work and pay the fees on behalf of the homeowners in the program.

Recently appealed your taxes? Use this table to determine if you need to appeal this year: 

If your home is…Then you should reappeal every…
5 years old or less2 years
5-10 years old3 years
10 or more years old5 years


Rachel’s Story

“In April 2020, I read an article in the newspaper regarding mobile homes’ and manufactured homes’ real estate taxes and their lack of depreciation. My manufactured home had been assessed the same amount for 18 years with no change. I am not sure why it took me so long to realize something was wrong. After reading the article, I contacted United Way of Chester County right away for help with this matter.

They were wonderful, taking care of EVERYTHING. I didn’t have to do much of anything other than fill out a few forms and attach some paperwork.
Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania represented me at the hearing and ended up having my house reassessed from $29,130 to $11,940 (effective 2021). That is $17,000+ LESS than what it had been.

My contact at United Way of Chester County kept in constant contact with me throughout the whole matter. She was wonderful and extremely efficient, competent, courteous, respectful and kind. I highly recommend this project to anyone and everyone.”

Jim’s Story

“The whole process was very simple and handled completely by the United Way of Chester County, including any court cost. My time investment was approximately 30 minutes and monetary cost was $0. My taxes were reduced from around $1200/year to $400/year for my mobile home.

As I am on a fixed retirement income, the extra $70/month will help a lot with my monthly expenses! I took pamphlets home with me when I filled out the paperwork on my initial visit and passed them out to neighbors in my mobile home community. Thank you!”