Get ready to hop into a time machine and journey back to the 80s, when life was simpler and the music was electrifying. 

Join us at our annual Live United in Music event on Thursday, September 12 at Penn Oaks Golf Club, featuring the legendary band, Decade 80. This event, presented by Di & Dallas Krapf and CTDI, will benefit our financial security programs.

Decade80 is the musical phenomenon that dares to claim “we own the 80s”, and once you experience their bold and electrifying performances, you’ll understand why. Join their prolific fanbase, Headband Nation, as Decade80 takes you back to the 80s with the energy and dynamism that defined the decade. Known especially for their engaging presence, supreme musicianship, and unmistakable faithfulness to the music of the 80s, nobody embodies the greatest musical decade better than Decade80.

Due to the unique nature of this event, tickets have sold out quickly for 10 straight years. For more information or for sponsorship opportunities, please contact Christina Wagoner, Senior Vice President of Financial Development, at 610.429.9400 x4101.

Please enjoy the photo albums of our past performances: