Information, including but not limited to name, address, phone number and email address, collected from donors and companies by United Way of Chester County will not be sold or distributed by United Way of Chester County to any organization outside the United Way system without express written consent of the donor. Donors may choose to be anonymous in all publications by checking the appropriate box online or on the paper pledge form.

United Way of Chester County may, from time-to-time, publish names and gift levels as a way of publicly thanking its donors. Corporate gifts will be omitted from such lists if the Chief Executive Officer, or equivalent, requests that the gift be anonymous. Upon provision of a street address or email address, you will receive periodic mail and/or email from United Way of Chester County unless you request no such mailings. To request that you be removed from mail and/or email lists you may either; write: United Way of Chester County, 150 John Robert Thomas Drive, Exton, PA 19341; or check the opt out box on any online form on our e-pledge website.

Personal information about donors who designate their United Way gift to another non-profit agency will be sent to the agency receiving the donation. This privacy statement does not bind United Way Partner Agencies. United Way of Chester County cannot guarantee the privacy of donors who choose to designate their gifts.

Approved by United Way of Chester County Board of Directors October 21, 2010