MISSION: Nurture transformative new ways of approaching complex problems to bring about meaningful change in Chester County.

AI for Good | powered by Penn State

Empowering Nonprofits to Deliver Impact with Data-Driven Decisions

Discover the transformative potential of AI in the nonprofit sector. Our partnership with Penn State Nittany AI Alliance will guide you through the realms of AI, helping you understand its potential to shape your nonprofit’s future. Elevate your impact by harnessing the potential of data-driven decisions.

Unlocking Potential: Capacity-Building Workshops

Engaging and practical capacity-building workshops designed exclusively for nonprofit organizations. In these focused one-to two-hour sessions, you’ll gain invaluable insights into leveraging cutting-edge tools to elevate your impact. Discover innovative ways to amplify your efforts and achieve your mission effectively. Each session will provide attendees with hands-on training with tangible outcomes that will drive immediate results.

Capstone Data Project | Powered by Penn State Great Valley and Qlik

Penn State Great Valley Master of Data Analytics graduate students are leveraging a myriad of Chester County data sources to craft an insightful “Chester County Dashboard.” The dashboard will equip Chester County service providers with intelligence to pinpoint areas of need, discern service request patterns, and uncover valuable insights for targeted interventions. This endeavor will revolutionize how we understand and serve Chester County.

Innovate For Impact Series

This series will provide a platform that not only ignites curiosity about social innovation, but will also transform learning into an interactive journey. Join us for an engaging format that not only encourages exploration but also facilitates idea sharing, obstacle discussions, and one-on-one consultations with skilled experts and mentors.

For additional information regarding the Social Innovation Lab or sponsorship opportunities, contact Kelly Cockshaw, Director of Leadership & Innovation, at 610.429.9400 x4107.