Designed to uplift community nonprofits and social enterprises, United Way of Chester County offers a range of innovative solutions, including hands-on AI training, data-driven decision-making guidance, practical capacity-building resources, and robust leadership support. Through these offerings, we empower nonprofits to innovate, adapt, and create lasting, positive impacts within our community.

> AI for Impact

This program is designed to equip nonprofit organizations in Chester County with the essential skills and knowledge needed to harness the power of artificial intelligence for social good. Through hands-on training sessions and collaborative partnerships between nonprofits and AI experts, this initiative empowers organizations to effectively utilize AI technologies.

> Inspire for Impact

Nonprofits are the backbone of our community, and their impact is immeasurable. “Inspire for Impact” is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of nonprofit organizations by offering capacity-building programs. Through workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs, we provide nonprofits with the resources they need to thrive.

> Insight for Impact

Partnering with Penn State Great Valley and Qlik, this initiative leverages a myriad of Chester County data sources to craft an insightful “Chester County Dashboard”, helping us revolutionize how we understand and serve our community. With the right insights, nonprofits can navigate challenges effectively, optimize their programs, and make a lasting impact on the communities they serve.

> Lead for Impact

Leadership is key to driving change and fostering innovation. Leadership Chester County aims to develop and cultivate strong leaders to serve on nonprofit boards. Together, we build a network of empowered leaders who are equipped to navigate challenges, inspire change, and create a lasting impact on Chester County and beyond.

Friday, March 15 · 9 – 11am

Building on the foundations presented in our “ChatGPT Made Simple” workshop, this intermediate-level “Mastering ChatGPT for Nonprofit Growth,” delves deeper into ChatGPT for the nonprofit sector. Designed for those who have grasped the basics, this session aims to transform your understanding from fundamental to proficient.

Requirements: Participants should possess a foundational understanding of ChatGPT, including basic operation and familiarity with its core functionalities and potential applications. [If you’re looking for an entry-level introduction to ChatGPT, look for the “ChatGPT Made Simple” workshop offered periodically through United Way of Chester County.]

Note: This workshop will be in-person and hands-on. You will have the best experience by bringing a laptop and having a ChatGPT account (free version will suffice).

Space is limited, and we are only accepting individuals from nonprofit organizations.

For additional information regarding the Social Innovation Lab or sponsorship opportunities, contact Kelly Cockshaw, Director of Leadership & Innovation, at 610.429.9400 x4107.