Next Generation United Way

In 2022, we embarked on a transformative journey that reshaped our organization and the community we serve. We proudly purchased and renovated a 5,000 square foot stand-alone building, located at 150 John Robert Thomas Drive in the Commons at Lincoln Center Office Park in Exton. This new space has since become the permanent headquarters for our staff and houses our Social Innovation Lab, Leadership Training Center, and Financial Independence Hub.

The decision to purchase our building came about quickly. As our office lease entered its final year and rental costs surged, our Board of Directors recognized the need for a strategic move to secure our future. After viewing the property in February 2022, we closed the sale by June 1. Demolition and renovation commenced shortly thereafter, transforming the space into a hub of innovation and support for our community.

To finance this monumental project, we launched a silent capital campaign, ensuring it would not impact our annual campaign that funds nonprofit grants. In an astonishing 57 days, we raised $1.395 million. Every donor generously contributed their gifts above any existing annual support, highlighting their unwavering commitment to our mission.

Since opening our new headquarters, countless organizations have utilized our space, saving significant money on rental fees. This has allowed them to allocate more resources directly toward their missions, amplifying their impact. Our facility has become a catalyst for creative solutions and capacity-building workshops, empowering numerous community leaders and fostering collaboration across various initiatives.

As we look back, we are filled with gratitude for the support that made this dream a reality. We remain committed to fostering innovation, leadership, and collaboration in our community, and we look forward to the continued growth and success of our shared endeavors.

Thank you to our donors:

  • Americas
  • Willie L. Anderson, State Farm Insurance
  • Carolyn J. Beam
  • The Bentley Family
  • Barry & Therese Bentley
  • Gregory & Caroline Bentley
  • Keith & Rene Bentley
  • Raymond & Terry Bentley
  • Scott & Susan Bentley
  • Jim & Adean Bridges
  • Ed & Doreen Brownley
  • Val & Bill Connors
  • Kathi Cozzone
  • CTDI
  • Michael L. Curry  
  • The Dadoly Family
  • Stephen DiMarco
  • Marybeth DiVincenzo
  • Fulton Bank
  • Gunard Berry Carlson Memorial Foundation, Inc.
  • Claudia & John Hellebush
  • Kevin Holleran, Esq.
  • Roger & Joan Huggins
  • The Ierardo Family
  • Doug & Joan Kaiser
  • James & Jennifer Kaiser
  • Robert & Kathleen Kaiser
  • Dan & Teri Kessler
  • Charles D. Kochka
  • Di & Dallas Krapf
  • James Logan
  • George & Shirley Mason
  • Stephanie Miller
  • Keith & Katie Montone
  • Marian Moskowitz
  • Timmy T. Nelson
  • Scott Neumann
  • Dr. Joseph O’Brien & Michele O’Brien
  • The Parsons Family
  • Andrew Parsons
  • Brian & Bridgit Parsons
  • Elliot Parsons
  • Gerald Parsons
  • Kevin & Lisa Parsons
  • Leo & Maryanne Parsons
  • Mark & Katie Parsons
  • Matt & Megan Parsons
  • Michael & Christine Parsons
  • Sean & Lauren Parsons
  • Aaron & Karen Proietti
  • QVC
  • Jodi Roth-Saks
  • Sartomer
  • Lauren Saello
  • Therese & Christopher Saello
  • Steve & Aimee Shihadeh
  • Peter & Terri Silvester
  • Andrew & Abbie Stump
  • Tony & Erin Scheivert
  • Swope Lees Commercial
  • Christina Wagoner
  • Rhonda West-Haynes
  • Melinda Winkler
  • CJ Witherspoon
  • David Zimmerman

Thank you to our in-kind donors: