Home Repairs Bring Hope to Those Struggling to Make Ends Meet


“I didn’t see that coming.”

When Marcia fell on ice and broke her hip, she didn’t predict the challenges that would result from living on a single income. She required a walker and wheelchair which meant her job in a local maid service was no longer feasible. With her partner also suffering from health problems, Marcia struggled to stretch their dwindling resources. “I didn’t see how we could stay in this house,” she says, “but there was no place to go.”

Accidents shouldn’t lead to the loss of your home. That’s why Good Works approved Marcia and her partner for home repair assistance. In the coming year, a team will make their small ranch house handicap accessible and make updates in the kitchen, bathroom and floors throughout the home.
Similar to Marcia, a shocking number of people are living on the edge of financial instability. In fact, nearly half of Americans wouldn’t have $400 for a leaky roof, medical bill or other emergency expense. For these people, stress can displace hope and heighten the risk of anxiety, depression and other illnesses. Even worse, nearly 600 Chester County individuals don’t have a permanent home on any given day.

Your donation will bring hope to struggling neighbors like Marcia. Visit GivetoSharetheWarmth.org or mail your check payable to United Way of Chester County to 495 Thomas Jones Way, Suite 302, Exton, PA 19341. Please indicate “Share the Warmth” in the memo line of your check, and be sure to indicate if you wish for your donation to remain anonymous.