Community Impact - A Network of Solutions


United Way of Chester County focuses on more than just a single issue or community. We invest in strategies and solutions that fight for the education, health and financial stability of every person in Chester County.

By improving education for all children, we're setting them on a path to high school graduation and college success. These children will go on to hold skilled jobs and succeed in life. Good health is directly linked to a successful life. And when we make sure a family's basic needs are met and they are financially equipped to support their families, we all benefit.

We Help Children & Youth Achieve Their Full Potential

Our goals in the area of EDUCATION:

  • Preparing elementary students to succeed in later grades
  • Supporting school success & academic achievement
  • Engaging young adults to make a successful transition from high school to a productive work life
  • Building the capacity of parents & caregivers to ensure a nurturing environment

We Help People Live Independently and Overcome Obstacles to Good Health

Our goals in the area of HEALTH:

  • Individuals prevent and/or address physical and behvioral health problems
  • Vulnerable individuals function as independent community members

We Help Promote Stability and Move People Toward Self-Sufficiency

Our goals in the area of FINANCIAL STABILITY:

  • Move individuals toward financial stability
  • Individuals in crisis have their basic needs met