Community Impact - Areas of Focus


Children & Youth Achieving Their Full Potential

  • Preparing elementary students to succeed in later grades
  • Supporting school success & academic achievement
  • Engaging young adults to make a successful transition from high school to a productive work life
  • Building the capacity of parents & caregivers to ensure a nurturing environment

Living Independently and Overcoming Obstacles to Good Health

  • Increasing access to treatment & services
  • Supporting basic health coverage & preventive care
  • Increasing nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Helping seniors and disabled residents maintain independent living
  • Investing in health education, screening, prevention and intervention strategies that help strengthen individuals & families
  • Ensuring the ongoing safety and well-being of individuals & families with access to temporary assistance in the event of crisis

Promoting Stability and Self-Sufficiency

  • Breaking the cycle of poverty
  • Developing basic life skills to increase self-sufficiency
  • Achieving greater financial stability through increasing income, building savings, and gaining & sustaining assets
  • Increasing financial knowledge & literacy
  • Increasing access to affordable housing