Community Impact - Areas of Focus


The mission of United Way of Chester County is to unite people and mobilize resources to build better lives and stronger communities.

Our vision for Chester County is a community where are residents have the opportunity to achieve a vibrant and healthy quality of life.

We invest in strategies and solutions that help children and youth achieve their potential, promote stabilty and financial self-sufficiency, and help individuals live independently and overcome obstacles to good health.

Children & Youth Achieving Their Full Potential

  • Preparing elementary students to succeed in later grades
  • Supporting school success & academic achievement
  • Engaging young adults to make a successful transition from high school to a productive work life
  • Building the capacity of parents & caregivers to ensure a nurturing environment

Living Independently and Overcoming Obstacles to Good Health

  • Increasing access to treatment & services
  • Supporting basic health coverage & preventive care
  • Increasing nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices
  • Helping seniors and disabled residents maintain independent living
  • Investing in health education, screening, prevention and intervention strategies that help strengthen individuals & families
  • Ensuring the ongoing safety and well-being of individuals & families with access to temporary assistance in the event of crisis

Promoting Stability and Self-Sufficiency

  • Breaking the cycle of poverty
  • Developing basic life skills to increase self-sufficiency
  • Achieving greater financial stability through increasing income, building savings, and gaining & sustaining assets
  • Increasing financial knowledge & literacy
  • Increasing access to affordable housing