Success Stories

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Demi is the single parent of two young children who were attending a small in-home daycare. The center, however, was not providing the children with the basic skills needed for Kindergarten, nor were the kids interacting with other children in their age group.

Demi enrolled her daughters in a United Way funded childcare program where they immediately began showing improvement in their social and academic skills. The United Way subsidized the tuition, making it as affordable as the in-home care, but with far better outcomes for the kids. The United Way network of services has put Demi’s children on the path to school success.

Ariel arrived at the OB/GYN Clinic 10 weeks pregnant with a history of preterm labor that required her babies to spend weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. The OB/GYN Clinic  immediately referred her to a hospital program for high-risk pregnancies.

Ariel began treatment to protect her pregnancy, receiving medication at no cost and weekly consultations. United Way funding made it possible for Ariel to receive the care she needed to a full-term, healthy baby boy.

Irv is an 82 year old man who lives alone and had received home health services for an ulcer he had on his leg. A nurse came to his home three times a week for eight weeks to clean his wound. If Irv had not had these services, he would have needed someone to drive him to the outpatient facility at one of the local hospitals to have his wound cleaned, a process that can take up to three hours in an outpatient setting.

United Way of Chester County made it possible for the home health agency to provide these services, meeting Irv's need to stay in his home environment and care for his wound. He was able to avoid the high cost of outpatient health care and reduce the burden on family and friends.

Sonia had been out of the workforce for some time and despite having a college degree was finding it difficult to find a secure job. A divorce left her facing a foreclosure and she was forced to move herself and her daughter into a transitional housing program.

Sonia graduated from the program after just six months, having gained new skills that resulted in a well-paying job. Budgeting classes allowed her to save and rent a townhome for her family and she learned to navigate the legal system to protect herself in her divorce. Access to the United Way funded program meant Sonia had earned financial stability and could be self-sufficient in the future.

Kiara had chosen a profession that she was passionate about but was  part-time at best, with irregular hours, low pay, and low security. Under the guidance of a United Way of Chester County funded homeless-prevention program, Kiara learned the value of full-time employment versus trying to balance the limitations and expense of multiple part-time jobs.  It didn’t take long to again secure, stable employment and she began to develop a self-sufficient lifestyle which involved work, caring for  her children, and maintaining a clean, safe, affordable home. By the end of the three year program, Kiara herself was presenting workshops to the new participants and telling her story of success.